Welcome to Phenomenom! I'm your host, Pauline. Right off the bat, I'd like to thank my amazing friend, Becca, for the name of this blog. Really. It's genius, isn't it?

I'm half Chinese- or rather, half Jamaisan. My mother is a Chinese-Jamaican who grew up in Port Antonio. I have her (and my grandmother, Jah Po), to thank for my absolute obsession with all things food. I love to cook it, bake it, eat it, talk about it and watch (too much) of it on TV. 

This adoration of food really started to take off while I was in high school. I started to help my mom in the kitchen, cooking and baking the classics from my childhood. It was soon after that I started experimenting on my own, with recipes both from the internet and from any old cookbooks I could find laying around the house.

During my last two years in high school, I started to post pictures of my creations on Facebook. I was surprised (and flattered) when it received a lot of attention from my peers. One girl even thought I was in culinary school! I kept posting pictures, even once I went off to university. I always said that, if I could just get a really good camera, I'd start a food blog.

Well, lo and behold, Christmas came and I got my very first camera, which leaves me with no excuses not to start this blog. 

So welcome! I hope everyone who visits my home here online finds recipes that inspire them to get into the kitchen, create something awesome, and pig out. Huzzah!